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I. Biological , Dental & Medical Graphics and Animation

Beacon Biosoft provides support t proofread my papero prepare custom made professional looking Biological Graphics or Cartoons;

(i) For Journals and Book Publishers to make their  Research Articles, Reviews or perspectives highly accessed as well as cited in the scientific community which could eventually lead to higher impact factor.

(ii) For Researchers, Academicians, or Students  to make their articles, reviews, books or perspectives readily acceptable by the journals or  publishers without much trouble.

II. Gene Expression Analysis

Microarrays –  High-throughput genomics data analysis using cutting edge softwares.

III. Pathway Analysis

Pathway Analysis of  high-throughput Genomics and Proteomics data using robust cutting edge softwares.

IV. In Silico Analysis of Novel Drug Candidates

We have a panel of experts to perform  the docking using various cutting edge softwares for analyzing the molecular interactions  of small molecule drug candidates  such as the Non- Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents like Resveratrol (RSV), antibiotics etc., with proteins structuresfind out here available in the Protein Data Bank (PDB).

V. Software and Research Solutions (Counseling)

Software Development for Academia and Industries in the milieu of Biology, Medicine and Dentistry.

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